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About Us

The beginning of the Latin Doctors

With more than 20 years of experience in their specialties, Dr. Eric Adler and Dr. José Álvarez-Romagosa decided to create a television program in 2012 called Latin Doctors on Telemundo, later including Dr. Fernando Villamil and Dr. Victor M Gordo González. They started the program with the intention of informing and educating the public on issues related to health, disease prevention and the latest technological advances available for treatments and diagnosis. In 2018, wanting to go further with everyone’s health in mind, they decided to start creating Latin Doctors Pharma, a supplements brand, with the objective to benefit the patient’s health with genuine interest to support their quality of life through supplements. Your health is our priority!


Supplements and nutrition play an increasingly important role in everyone’s healthy life. For this reason, at Latin Doctors Pharma we have carefully developed fourteen perfectly balanced formulas of natural ingredients to promote optimal consumer health. The formulas were designed by doctors based on several years of laboratory study on different ingredients, their interactions, and their benefits.


Greetings! I went through COVID-19 and was very weak and tired. My mother bought me the vitamins since she sees you a lot on television. They have brought me back to life. Thanks! Excelent product.

M. Avilés

I have been diabetic for over 20 years. Lately I have not dropped below 240 even when I'm not eating. I bought the Glucose one and it lowered me to 109.

M. Colón

I bought the collagen one and it is excellent! I recommend it. After 6 days of using it, I already see the changes. I recommend it. Very good!

L. Dávila

I love the products. The Pain one is tremendous. I can already walk without pain in my knees. Thanks to the products that you sell. God bless you.

W. Carrión

Dr. I am behaving very well. 2 Femme Balance every night. Girls, if you have hot flashes that won't leave you alone... Buy them! They are a total success!

L. Rodríguez

I recommend Hair Plus 200%. Thanks to my doctor José Alvarez Romagosa I have been taking them for two months! My hair is fuller, much longer, zero fall, shiny and the most I like is that I have seen the delay of my gray hairs.

N. González

I am using LD Pain and they have been great for me. Before I had taken anti inflammatories but it did not work for me. Now I can walk without pain. I am very happy with the pills. God bless you.

O. Román

LD Liver is an excellent product. I've been taking it for a month and a half now. It has given me tremendous results. My doctor asked me what I did to make my liver clear so fast, and I told him the medicine that Latin Doctors had just released. He told me that he was going to buy it for his father. I also bought the collagen and sleeping pills. They are amazing!

M. Arroyo