About Us


With more than 20 years of experience in their specialties, Dr. Eric Adler and Dr. José Álvarez-Romagosa decided to create a television program in 2012 called Latin Doctors on Telemundo, later including Dr. Fernando Villamil and Dr. VÍctor M Gordo González. They started the program with the intention of informing and educating the public on issues related to health, disease prevention and the latest technological advances available for treatments and diagnosis. In 2018, wanting to go further with everyone’s health in mind, they decided to start creating Latin Doctors Pharma, a supplements brand, with the objective to benefit the patient’s health with genuine interest to support their quality of life through supplements. Your health is our priority!

Dr. José Álvarez-Romagosa

Dr. Victor M. Gordo González

Dr. Eric Adler

Dr. Fernando Villamil